How to Check SRTC Email Remotely

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It is of vital importance that SRTC students, faculty, and staff know how to log into email remotely and check email regularly throughout the next few weeks.

Important information and updates may be emailed to our college community as the international COVID-19 story continues to unfold.

Students and instructors should communicate with one another via email if they have comments or concerns about any impacts that this event will have on the spring semester and beyond.

Anyone with an SRTC email address may check their email by logging into

Faculty and staff: Log in using your email address and normal password.

Students: Your username is your entire e-mail address (first initial, last name, last four digits of your student ID number). Example:

Unless you have manually changed it, your password is your first initial (capital), last initial (capital), _, your student ID number. The initials are both capital letters. So for John Doe (ID# 900001122) the password is JD_900001122. (The initials are both capital letters.)

For more detailed instructions, please visit online:

If you experience technical issues, please email