SRTC Recognizes Distinguished Students

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On March 21, 2016 the administration at Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) recognized exceptional students achieving the honor of President’s List. The College also recognized students who earned Dean’s List and Merit List honors with a certificate.

One hundred and forty six students made the President’s List for Fall Semester 2015. Each semester, SRTC recognizes students who have accomplished high academic achievement through the President’s List. In order to qualify for the President’s List, students must meet two criteria: earn a grade of “A” in all coursework attempted and be enrolled in 12 semester credit hours or more at the College. Each student was awarded a certificate and token of recognition from the College.

President’s List designees for Fall Semester 2015 include: Allison Aguilar of Tifton, Julian Aguilar of Tifton, Michael Alderman of Thomasville, Elijah Alexander of Moultrie, Amanda Allen of Sylvester, Dylan Anderson of Coolidge, Misty Arnett of Omega, Olivia Bacon of Tifton, Daniel Badger        of Ochlocknee, Jill Baggett of Boston, Israel Barron of Brookfield, Ben Barwick of Thomasville, Samantha Beck of Doerun, Vera Bolen of Thomasville, Tina Brady of          Norman Park, Tony Brock of Moultrie,  Brandon Butler of Sylvester, Anna Byrd of Moultrie, Courtney Cain of Thomasville, Shannon         Calloway of Cairo, Kayla Clark of Cairo, Midale Clay of Tifton, Deondre Coley of Ashburn, Casey Connell of Tifton, Jodi Cooper of Thomasville, Rebecca Cornelius of Lenox, Brandyn Crackel of Sylvester, Carlton            Crumidy of Thomasville, Barbara Dailey of Pelham, Halee Daniel of Tifton, Jaquelyn Dominguez of Moultrie, Chad Dozier of Meigs, Clara Edmonds, of Moultrie, Charlene   Edwards of Moultrie, Lauren Eure of Tifton, Belinda Everett of Norman Park, Stephen Everett of Boston, Kenna Flannigan of Valdosta, Morgan Freeman of Tifton, Marianna Gallegos of Norman Park, Brittany Garrity of Thomasville, Amber Gibby of Abbeville, Ethan Gibson of Tifton, Mindy Godwin of Pelham, Christian Griffin of Cairo, Benjamin Gustafson of Moultrie, Brandon Hall of Moultrie, Jason Hall of Pavo, Robert Hamilton of Pelham, Kayla Hampton of Tifton, Cassandra Hargraves of Moultrie, Kyle Harris of Whigham,  Samisha Harris of Cairo, Lizzie         Hawkins of Camilla, Joley Herring of Lake Park, Laken Hiers of Moultrie, Melissa Hill of Moultrie, Skye Hinteregger of Newton, Leslie Hodnett of Tifton, Richard Holifield of Enigma, Shannon Howard of Sumner, Aubrey Izzo of Ochlocknee, Joshua Jackson of Sumner,  Shiren Johnson of Moultrie, Amber Kelley of Cairo, Robin Kerce of Camilla, Shekette King of Moultrie,  Gloria Kinsey of Norman Park, Joseph Knight of Cairo, Trey Lane of Thomasville, Jennifer Lazaro-Malagon of Moultrie, Maria Leyva of Ashburn, Maliscia Lindberg of Thomasville, Angeline Logan of Moultrie, Paula Lokey of Chula, Cassidi Long of Baconton, Alma Love of Moultrie, Malori Maxwell of Climax, Alyssa McDaniel of Ashburn, Joshua McDuffie of Moultrie,  James McGirt of Albany, Hunter Mclendon of Thomasville, Emily McMillan of Lenox, Dana Miley of Enigma, David Miller of Tifton, MacKenzie Mobley of Thomasville, Iluminada Moreno of Moultrie, Kelsey Morton of Nashville,  Laura Moxthe of Moultrie,  Jennifer Musgrove of Moultrie, Kristin Nereim of Cairo, Pedro Nieto of Omega, Kevin Norton of Doerun, Yanet Nunez of Moultrie,  Brittany Oliver of Coolidge,  Cristal Palma of Ashburn, Jonathan Parkerson of Adel,  Justin Parten of Moultrie,  Megan Payne of Tallahassee,  Edna Phillips of Moultrie,  Lorine Phillips of Moultrie,  Mallory Phillips of Tifton, Brenda Plymel of Norman Park,  Jerry Plymel of Moultrie,  James Potts of Sylvester,  Damikqua Prater of Moultrie,  Kaitlin Ramhofer of Ochlocknee,  Susana Ramirez of Moultrie, John Ray of Tifton,  Angela Reichert of Thomasville,  Kemisha Richardson of Moultrie,  Jennifer Roberts of Thomasville, Miranda Sanders of Thomasville,  Rachel Schramm of Adel,  Harrison Sims of Lyons, Latonia Sims of Norman Park,  Retha Smith of Moultrie,  Sandra Smith of Moultrie,  Tangelia Smith of Pavo,  Tatiana Smith of Moultrie,  Zoe Smith of Thomasville,  Hayden Spivey of Moultrie,  Kayla Stelt of Lagrange,  Mary Steverson of Nashville,  Judy Strickland of Doerun,  John Swilley of Moultrie,  Gail Taylor of Moultrie,  Rushundra Taylor of Tifton,  Tammye Trimble of Moultrie,  Rose Tuff of Moultrie,  Tonya Tyson of Nashville,  Maria Valdez of Moultrie,  Rodney Virgil of Thomasville,  Tina Watson of Doerun,  Lathaca Wheeler of Moultrie,  Donald White of Omega,  Malcolm Williams of Thomasville, Trina Williams of Norman Park,  Ramsey Willis of Tifton,  Belinda Wilson of Tifton,  Shelley      Wilson of Thomasville,  Vernita Wingfield of Moultrie,  Billy Winn of Moultrie,  Kimberly Wright of Moultrie, and Justina Zabriskie  of Tifton. 

The Fall 2015 announcement marked only the third time students have been recognized for Dean’s List and 93 students achieved the honor. To qualify for Dean’s List students must have completed between 9 and 11 semester credit hours and have earned an A in all coursework attempted.

Additionally, 625 students were recognized for making the Merit List. To qualify for Merit List a student must be full-time and have completed 12 semester credit hours and have earned an A or B in all coursework attempted.



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