Student Life

Special events are scheduled throughout the year for the purpose of bringing the student body, faculty, and staff together for social interaction. Cook outs, games, and special events may be planned for these days. Participation and attendance is limited to currently enrolled students.

School Organizations Policy

To initiate consideration for the approval to establish a student organization, the organization must:

  1. be recognized by the US Department of Education;
  2. solicit support from peers;
  3. be professional or technical education related;
  4. gain at least two faculty or staff sponsors who will present to and receive approval from the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Student Affairs; and
  5. establish operational guidelines in accordance with The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) State Board Policy (6.6.3p: Student Organization/Club Accounts)

The President has the right to approve or disapprove the establishment of a new student organization.

Electronics and Amateur Radio Club

The Electronics and Amateur Radio Club (ARC) is established to promote a better understanding of Amateur Radio Operators and students enrolled at Southern Regional Technical College. The club’s purposes are to increase the knowledge both from an operating and theoretical standpoint, and to further the technical knowledge of the club through the presentations; to promote interest in amateur radios and Electronics; and to organize an active, reliable group of Amateur Radio Operators to handle communications during such emergencies as may disrupt other lines of communications.

Limitless Gaming

The purpose of The Southern Regional Technical College gaming club, Limitless Gaming, shall be to provide Southern Regional Technical College Students social access to other students with similar interests in gaming. Membership in the club encourages academic excellence and affiliation with the College.

All registered Southern Regional Technical College students that maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 or above are eligible for membership in this organization. If a student’s GPA falls below the minimum GPA of 2.0 they will be suspended from the Southern Regional Technical College gaming club until such time that their GPA meets the minimum GPA of 2.0. Voting members shall be designated as those individuals who have attended a minimum of three or more meetings and/or events during the Spring and Fall semester. Associate (non-voting) memberships may be offered to faculty, administrators, staff, and other members of the Southern Regional Technical College community.

National Technical Honor Society

The local chapter of the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) was established in 1985. As a national organization, NTHS has as its purpose:

  1. To reward excellence in workforce education;
  2. To encourage scholastic excellence, skill development, honesty, service, leadership, citizenship, and individual responsibility;
  3. To promote business and industry’s critical workplace values.

To be eligible for membership into NTHS, a student must:

  • Have successfully completed one full semester of attendance at Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) with a minimum of 12 semester hours.
  • Have a GPA of 3.00 with a minimum of 6 credit hours for the semester in which he/she is nominated and a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.
  • Have an instructor nomination.

Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Certificate of membership
  • Membership card and pin
  • Seal indicating membership on diploma or completion document
  • Three letters of recommendation sent upon request to any business, industry, or educational institution
  • Eligibility for NTHS scholarships

NTHS is open to every student at SRTC. The requirements for membership must be maintained through graduation to remain eligible.

Phi Beta Lambda

The purpose of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) is to provide opportunities for college students to develop vocational competencies for business and office occupations. PBL is an integral part of the instructional program, and in addition promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility. PBL is a non-profit educational association made up of students pursuing careers in all areas.

The specific goals of PBL are to:

  • Develop competent, aggressive business leadership
  • Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work
  • Create more interest in and understanding of American business enterprise
  • Encourage members in the development of individual projects which contribute to the improvement of home, business, and community
  • Encourage and practice efficient money management
  • Encourage scholarship and promote college loyalty
  • Assist students in the establishment of occupational goals
  • Facilitate the transition from school to work

Roentgen Ray Society

The Roentgen Ray Society is an organization for Radiologic Technology students. The purpose of this organization is to promote involvement in activities intended to foster, support, and encourage the development of professional attributes and affiliations among the students of the Radiologic Technology program.


As a national organization, SkillsUSA has as its purpose:

  • To unite in a common bond all students enrolled in trade, industrial, technical, and health education
  • To develop leadership abilities through participation in educational, vocational, civic, recreational, and social activities
  • To foster a deep respect for the DIGNITY OF WORK
  • To assist students in establishing realistic vocational goals
  • To help students attain a purposeful life
  • To create enthusiasm for learning
  • To promote high standards in trade ethics, workmanship, scholarship, and safety
  • To create among students, faculty members, patrons of the College, and persons in business and labor a sincere interest and esteem for trade, industrial, technical, and health education
  • To develop patriotism through a knowledge of our Nation’s heritage and the practice of democracy

Student Government Association

The purpose of the Student Government Association, as stated in its constitution, is to:

  • Contribute to and promote the ideals, objectives, and goals of Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC)
  • Promote school pride, community awareness, and citizenship
  • Improve student morale
  • Provide a forum for students’ expressions
  • Develop leadership skills

The SGA membership is a broad representation of students from all programs of study. Membership consists of two representatives from each of the TCSG state recognized student organizations on campus (Phi Beta Lambda, SkillsUSA, and National Technical Honor Society); and one representative on each campus from each of the four vocational program areas four schools of study.

Georgia Association of Nursing Students

The Georgia Association of Nursing Students (GANS) is a pre-professional organization that aims to support pre-nursing and nursing students throughout the state as they work towards becoming a Registered Nurse. As a constituent of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA), GANS is committed to aiding in the personal and professional development of future nurses through education and leadership promotion. Through various efforts, GANS provides a resource for students to join together and participate in activities involving community health, legislation efforts, and improving the image of nursing.

Veterinary Technology Club

The Veterinary Technology Club at SRTC strives to promote our profession, perform works of service to the community, and raise money for club activities. We, the instructors, believe this also instills in the students the importance of teamwork, organization, responsibility, and commitment to our school and community.

Inkwell Literary Magazine

The Inkwell Literary Magazine is a student run and student organized scholarly production for Southern Regional Technical College. It is comprised of works that are contributed by students, faculty, staff, and the community of the College. The works are poetry, short stories, essays, both fiction and non-fiction works, one-act plays, fine arts such as photography, paintings, and sculpture, and any other mediums that can be considered part of the humanities. All works are copyrighted under the College and Library of Congress. This is the first scholarly publication for the College and its first publication was Fall 2013. The Inkwell Literary Magazine publishes two issue per year, in the Fall and the Spring. SRTC students serve as the editors for the magazine, and sponsors poetry readings in the community.

Student Recognition Programs

Goal Program

The Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) program was established in 1971 to recognize and reward excellence among students studying at Georgia’s technical colleges. GOAL is sponsored at the state-level by FOX5 Atlanta, DeVry University, Georgia REAL, and Chevrolet and is an outstanding example of education joining hands with business and industry. Each year, instructors nominate students to represent their program in the annual competition. The College winner competes at the state level for the honor of representing the Technical College System of Georgia during the next year. The GOAL program is the first program of its kind in the nation to honor excellence among technical students at the postsecondary level.

Eagle Program

The Exceptional Adult Georgian in Literacy Education (EAGLE) Program was launched in 1993 to recognize and honor adult learners that have demonstrated exceptional achievement in adult literacy classes. EAGLE is designed to create a greater awareness of educational opportunities that are available in local communities across the state and to encourage involvement in lifelong learning pursuits.

Each year, adult education teachers identify their most outstanding students and nominate them for the EAGLE competition. To be eligible for consideration, students must meet certain criteria that includes: leadership skills, community involvement, and academic progress. One student is selected to represent each College through the use of local competitions. This student is designated as the College’s EAGLE Delegate and will compete at the regional level. Two delegates will be selected from each of the four regional competitions to compete during the State EAGLE Leadership Institute. The winner of this competition will be designated as the State EAGLE Winner. EAGLE delegates serve as ambassadors and promote literacy education in Georgia.

Student Fundraising

Fundraising for Student Life: Fundraising projects by student organizations shall be related to the Mission of the College. All student fundraising projects shall have prior approval from the President or the President’s designee and shall be in compliance with sound business practices.