Merit Celebrates and Publicizes Student Achievement

Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) uses Merit, an online service for publicizing student achievements, to celebrate the great things our students do – like making the president’s list, the dean’s list, receiving scholarships and more. Students receive recognition for their achievements while also creating an online profile – a Merit page – that they can use for jobs, internships and references after graduation. Through the Merit network, students can share news about their accomplishments with their friends and family through social media platforms.

How does it work?

  • Students win awards and honors or participate in campus events and activities.
  • Strategic Communications gets a list of the students involved and writes a short story about the event or accomplishment.
  • A personalized article is published to Merit and sent to the local newspaper(s) of each student involved.
  • Students get an e-mail to their SRTC account with a link to view their story and connect with social media to share their achievements with friends and family. Parents also receive an email allowing them to share their students’ achievements on their own social media channels.
  • Students can customize their Merit pages by adding photos, bios, clubs and work experience.
  • Students may email with questions and concerns.

How does Merit benefit students?

Merit creates a positive, institution-verified online identity — a visual resume that showcases a student’s achievements from enrollment through graduation. A Merit page helps people who make decisions about internships, grad school and jobs find all the good stuff about students.

Plus, Merit pages are easy to share with the people who are invested in students’ outcomes and success: family and friends, employers, former teachers, coaches and school counselors, and staff from volunteer organizations and programs.

What else can students do with Merit?

Students don’t have to maintain their Merit page; it is created and updated automatically by the college. Students can, however, enhance and add to their pages if they desire. Merit allows students to customize their Merit page URL, add a profile photo, bio and other activities and work experience. They can even include photos and videos to the activities they add to further demonstrate their involvement.

How do you contribute student achievements?

The marketing and public relations office at SRTC may submit stories as well as student names, hometowns and emails to post to Merit pages and distribute to media. Follow this link to find the page where you may submit content: A member of the Marketing staff will review the submissions before distribution. To post to student pages, we will need the students’ campus emails as well as their names and hometowns.

How does Merit enhance the SRTC Experience?

Merit pages show how SRTC helps prepare students for a career, and enhances their development as valuable members of society, helpful information attractive to employers. The profiles connect what students do in the classroom to the exceptional career-building opportunities students gain while on campus.

When students and parents share Merit achievements with their social networks, they’re helping tell the story of success at SRTC. By promoting the fantastic accomplishments of our students in local media and social networks, we not only get to brag about our talented students, but we also can spread the word about the valuable opportunities available on our campus.

How do students claim their page?

  • Claim your Merit page by clicking on the link in the email you receive.

How do students opt out?

We respect students’ wishes to keep their accomplishments private. Opting out of Merit is easy and not only removes a student’s page from, but also prevents SRTC or any other participating Merit organization from being able to publish achievements about that student in the future. To opt out, simply reply to the email you receive from Merit and ask to be removed. Or, email your request to