4.1.1p2sr SRTC Procedure: Intra-college Recruitment, Transfers, and Promotions

Intra-college transfers should be timed to reduce disruptions to institutional operations and the educational process. The goal of this procedure is to minimize disturbance to the instructional program and ensure orderly operation of the college while enabling faculty and staff to pursue professional goals.

To ensure order, applicants and supervisors should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. An applicant should notify the current supervisor of his/her plans to apply for a position. This important step allows the supervisor to begin to plan for succession if the applicant is successful in his/her endeavor. Supervisors understand that the college encourages professional growth and will not hold a desire to transition to a new role against an employee.
  2. All applicants, including internal applicants, must apply for the position through Team Georgia Careers: southernregional.edu/employment.
  3. An applicant should keep the current supervisor abreast of progress as s/he learns about interview dates, etc.
  4. Before an offer is made, the hiring supervisor shall contact the current supervisor for an employment reference.
  5. If the applicant is successful in attaining the new position, the current supervisor should be notified immediately. The employee and both supervisors must coordinate to develop a transition plan that will not be disruptive to college operations. Depending on the role, the employee will likely need to continue in the current position in a full or part-time capacity until a replacement is hired. Any formal offer of employment shall be made contingent upon the employee fulfilling all contractual obligations or obtaining the current supervisor's consent. Once the current supervisor is notified of the employee's desire to move to another position within the college, the current supervisor shall act promptly to obtain a replacement.
  6. The employee should offer assistance to help onboard the successor.
  7. All actions should allow growth for employees while minimizing interruption to the college as a whole.


The Human Resources Director has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.

Reference: 4.1.1p2. TCSG Procedure: IntraSystem Recruitment

Approved: 03-08-2023
Implemented: 04-01-2023