4.1.1sr - SRTC Procedure: Recruitment and Hiring

General Philosophy:
Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. The College is committed to promoting a diverse workforce that is representative of the people of its service delivery area and to providing maximum opportunity for internal mobility within the organization. Affirmative action means taking active steps to ensure that women, racial minorities, persons with disabilities, disabled veterans, and veterans of the Vietnam Era are well represented in our workforce.

All vacant positions must be posted. The Director of Human Resources or designee must approve all job announcements prior to posting. A job announcement must be posted a minimum of five working days. The announcement should be posted in prominent locations and on suitable websites. A job may be posted internally or externally. Internal job announcements are open only to qualified, current Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) or SRTC employees. External job announcements are open to all qualified applicants.

Part-time employees and adjunct faculty may not be promoted to a full-time position unless a job announcement has been posted and a search conducted.

Advertising and Outreach:
The Director of Human Resources or designee must approve all recruitment advertising prior to placement. To ensure a diverse pool of candidates, whenever possible and practical, SRTC will list job openings with the local Department of Labor Employment Services office, utilize advertising mediums with minority distribution, and list the openings with organizations that may be helpful in recruiting women, racial minorities, persons with disabilities, disabled veterans, and veterans of the Vietnam Era.

Screening of Applicants:
Each applicant's experience, training, and education will be measured against the posted minimum job qualification. An applicant who does not submit a timely application or whose application does not meet the posted minimum job qualifications shall not be interviewed or otherwise considered for the posted vacancy.

Whenever possible, Human Resources will conduct a pre-screening of all applicants and oversee the interviewee selection process by the Hiring Supervisor and/or committee.

Hiring Supervisors are responsible for the interviewing of applicants. Whenever possible, a committee should conduct the interview process, including the determination of whom to interview. In making this determination, the interviewer(s) should consider along with other relevant factors whether or not an applicant has a preferred qualification. Normally, each applicant interviewed should be asked the same questions and responses noted and rated by the interviewer(s). Records should be retained of the search and selection process. It is the Hiring Supervisor's responsibility to ensure that these records are sent in a timely manner to Human Resources for retention.

Interviewed applicants should be asked to complete and sign an employment application, if they have not already done so. Also, applicants who are interviewed should sign the appropriate releases for further background investigation (criminal, motor vehicle, academic, etc.) if appropriate.

Under normal circumstances, the candidate pool should contain members of racial minority groups and women. If not, the Hiring Supervisor should contact Human Resources to discuss further recruitment efforts.

During the interview process, care should be exercised to avoid questions that are not job-related. For example, questions related to disabilities, medical conditions, marital status, planned pregnancies, number or age of children are inappropriate. Pre-employment medical examinations or immunizations may not be required unless pre-approved by the TCSG Director of Human Resources.

Reference Checks:
Satisfactory reference checks are a condition of employment. The individual in charge of the search, usually the Hiring Supervisor, is responsible for verification of the applicant's educational and employment background and credentials.

Prior to making an offer, the Hiring Supervisor must contact at least two of the applicant's references, one of which should be the current supervisor if possible.

Offers of Employment:
Several approvals are required before making an offer of employment. Offers of employment are conditional upon completion and review of a signed employment application, satisfactory reference checks, execution of the State's loyalty oath and, where required and approved by the TCSG Director of Human Resources, certification of the employee's medical and physical exams form. All offers of employment should be confirmed in writing and should be accepted in writing.

Retention of Records:
Human Resources must retain all records of the search and selection process for a period of three years. It is the responsibility of the Hiring Supervisor to ensure that these records are complete.

The Director of Human Resources has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.

SBTCSG Policy 4.1.1: Recruiting and Hiring
TCSG Procedure 4.1.1p1: Recruiting and Hiring

Adopted: 11-17-2014
Implemented: 07-01-2015