4.1.3sr - SRTC Procedure: Reassignment and Appointment

Under authority of the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia (SBTCSG) Policy 2.3.2 Responsibilities and Authority of Technical College Presidents, the President may reassign personnel or appoint personnel to fulfill duties additional to those defined in their job descriptions; except, prior approval of the Commissioner is required before any employee reporting directly to the President is made an employment offer, removed from that position, dismissed from employment, or awarded a raise other than one approved by the State Board or General Assembly.

When reorganization of the College’s reporting structure redefines a position, the President may reassign the affected employee to fill the position. A revised job description will be provided to the employee within one calendar month of the reassignment.

The President may also appoint currently employed Southern Regional Technical College faculty and staff to serve in roles additional to the duties enumerated in the employee’s job description. Posting the position or role is not required if the employee is not filling a vacant position; such appointment is considered job enlargement rather than filling a position vacancy. In cases where the additional duties will occupy a significant portion of the employee’s schedule of hours worked, the President may compensate the employee by stipend and/or teaching release time. A memo stating the terms of the appointment is drafted by the President or the Director of Human Resources, signed by the President, and mailed or delivered to the appointee.

The Director of Human Resources has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.

SBTCSG Policy 2.3.2: Responsibilities and Authority of Technical College Presidents
SBTCSG Policy 4.1.1: Recruiting and Hiring
TCSG Procedure 4.1.1p1: Recruiting and Hiring
TCSG Procedure 4.1.1p2: IntraSystem Recruitment

Adopted: 08-27-2015
Implemented: 08-27-2015