4.3.2sr3 – SRTC Procedure: Workplace Audio and Video Recordings

Southern Regional Technical College is committed to the safety of its students, employees, and visitors.While guarding against risks, SRTC endeavors to balance the business interests of the college with the reasonable expectations of privacy of its students, employees, and visitors.


  1. To protect students, employees, visitors, and property, the college will employ the use of facility security cameras and body cameras worn by P.O.S.T. certified campus police officers during the performance of their official duties according to guidelines outlined in the TCSG Procedure governing standards of business conduct.
  2. Access to audio and video recordings will be granted only when justified by a legitimate business purpose.
  3. The President or his/her designee will determine which employees have a legitimate business purpose to access audio and video recordings.
  4. For investigative purposes, access to audio and video recordings will be achieved by the following:
    1. The request must be submitted via email to the Campus Police Chief or the Information Security Administrator (ISA) by a President’s Leadership Cabinet Member.
    2. The request must contain the name of the requesting party, the subject, and the purpose of the investigation.
    3. The Campus Police Chief or ISA will notify the College President that an investigation is underway, the name of the person being investigated, the name of the requestor, and the reason for the investigation. If the subject of the investigation is an employee, the Human Resources Director will be notified. If the subject of the investigation is a student, the Vice President for Student Affairs will be notified.
    4. Recordings may be released to federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies immediately upon request to assist with any official investigation, with notifications made as soon as is reasonably practicable.
    5. In emergency situations, audio and video recordings and access to live footage may be shared with emergency response agencies with notifications made as soon as is reasonably practicable.
    6. Recordings will be released in accordance with the Open Records Request Procedure.

The SRTC Chief of Police has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.


TCSG Procedure 3.3.13p. Business Email Archiving, Retention, and Investigative Procedure
TCSG Procedure 4.3.2p4. Standards of Business Conduct
SRTC Procedure 3.314sr. Open Records Request

Adopted: 01-16-2024