4.4.4sr1 - SRTC Procedure: Performance Evaluations

Southern Regional Technical College regularly evaluates the performance of each employee. The annual and interim performance evaluations are used to determine if the employee is meeting performance expectations and to identify areas in need of improvement.

Evaluation Period
The annual performance evaluation period is the 12-month period preceding August 31 for employees with last names ending in A-L and the 12-month period preceding September 30 for employees with last names ending in M-Z.

When an employee transfers to a new position during a performance evaluation period, evaluating supervisors, in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, will determine who will conduct the performance evaluation, based on the time of the evaluation period and other circumstances.

Annual Performance Evaluations
Annual performance evaluation instruments are developed for all full-time employees and employees in regular part-time positions. Evaluative criteria will be shared with the employee prior to the annual performance evaluation conference. The Staff Performance Appraisal Form is used in the evaluation of full-time and regular part-time staff. The Annual Full-Time Faculty Performance Evaluation is used in the evaluation of full-time faculty. The Full-Time Observation Form/Online/Adjunct Observation/Evaluation Form is used during the observation of full-time and adjunct faculty and in the evaluation of online and adjunct faculty. Additional instruments may be employed to comply with program specific requirements.

At the six-month interval between annual reviews, full-time faculty and staff will receive a condensed interim review which provides input on progress during the current performance year. This interim review may be conducted through electronic means with a copy placed in the employee’s personnel file.

During the annual performance evaluation conference, the supervisor will review and discuss the evaluation with the employee. Signatures of the supervisor and employee are obtained during the conference, and a copy of the annual performance evaluation is given to the employee. The original is forwarded to the Human Resources Department for placement in the employee’s personnel file.

Additional Evaluation Elements for Faculty
Additional components are used to complete the faculty annual performance evaluations. The additional components include classroom observations and student evaluations of instruction.

Classroom Observation of Faculty
Full-time faculty and adjunct faculty are observed in the classroom setting by the supervising Program/Division Chair or the appropriate Dean for Academic Affairs. Based on the results of the classroom observation of faculty, improvement plans may be developed. Adult Education Faculty will be observed by the Director of Adult Education or his/her designee in compliance with program requirements. Classroom observations will be conducted in accordance with a schedule as determined by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Student Evaluation of Instructors/Instruction
Each full-time and adjunct faculty member is evaluated annually using a survey instrument administered by the Institutional Effectiveness Division. Results are shared with faculty, Program Chairs, Division Chairs, Deans for Academic Affairs, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Based on the results of the Student Evaluation of Instructor/Instruction and the Student Evaluation of Online Instructor/Instruction, improvement plans will be developed for items that fall below the established baseline.

Faculty are evaluated through the Student Evaluation of Instructor/Instruction and through the Student Evaluation of Online Instructor/Instruction during Fall Semester. Student evaluations are also administered during Spring and Summer Semesters of all new full-time and part-time faculty, faculty teaching new courses, faculty teaching courses in a new delivery medium (online or traditional), and as requested by the supervising Dean, the Director of Distance Education, or the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Staff Development
All full-time faculty and staff are required to participate in certain mandatory staff development activities. The mandatory activities support federal and state laws and/or policies that the College is responsible for upholding.

Southern Regional Technical College adheres to State Board Policy 4.9.5 Staff Development and procedures in support of encouraging employees to develop and improve their skills and knowledge. Annual staff development plans will be prepared, and staff development activities will be offered in accordance with the Southern Regional Technical College Institutional Effectiveness Plan.

The Director of Human Resources has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.

SBTCSG Policy 4.4.4: Performance Management
TCSG Procedure 4.4.4p: Performance Management
SBTCSG Policy 4.9.5: Staff Development

Adopted: 08-27-2015
Implemented: 08-27-2015
Revised: 09-18-2019
Revised: 08-09-2022
Revised: 08-23-2023