Auto Collision Repair, Diploma (ACR2) Diploma

Program Description: The Automotive Collision Repair Diploma program is a sequence of courses designed to prepare students for careers in the automotive collision repair profession. Learning opportunities develop academic, technical and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. The program emphasizes either major automotive collision repair or automotive painting and refinishing depending on the specialization area a student chooses to complete. Program graduates receive an Automotive Collision Repair Diploma which qualifies them as major collision repair technicians or painting and refinishing technicians.

Length of Program: Four (4) Semesters

Locations Offered:
Moultrie (Industrial Drive)

Entrance Date: Beginning of each semester.

Entrance Requirements: Refer to Admission criteria. Click for Entrance Score Requirements.

Age: Applicant must be 16 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license

Education: An applicant must be a high school graduate or the equivalent (GED). College transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Advisor: A Program Advisor should be consulted prior to enrolling in any course. An advisor will be assigned by admissions.

Program Final Exit Point: Auto Collision Repair, Diploma.

Credits Required for Graduation: 43 minimum semester hour credits required for graduation.

Note: Students currently enrolled in a local high school may receive a waiver regarding the requirement for a valid driver’s license. A student with a driver’s license waiver will not be allowed to operate a moving motor vehicle.

Books: $0.00
Fees: $301.00
Tuition: $1,500.00
Total: $1,801.00
Fees: $301.00
Tuition: $1,300.00
Total: $1,601.00
Fees: $301.00
Tuition: $1,000.00
Total: $1,301.00
Fees: $301.00
Tuition: $1,500.00
Total: $1,801.00
1: Basic Skills Courses 8
ENGL 1010 Fundamentals of English I 3
And one of the following (2-3 hours) 2
EMPL 1000 Interpersonal Relat & Prof Dev 2
PSYC 1010 Basic Psychology 3
And one of the following (3 hours) 3
MATH 1012 Foundations of Mathematics 3
MATH 1013 Algebraic Concepts 3
MATH 1015 Geometry and Trigonometry 3
2: Institutional Credit 3
COLL 1500 Student Success 3
3: Occupational Courses 29
ACRP 1000 Intro/Auto Collision Repair 4
ACRP 1005 Automobile Comp Repair&Replace 4
ACRP 1010 Foundations of Collision Repai 5
ACRP 1015 Fund of Automotive Welding 4
ACRP 1017 Mechanical/ElectricalSystemI 4
ACRP 1019 Mechanical/ElectricalSystemsII 5
COMP 1000 Intro to Computer Literacy 3
ACRP Spec - Auto Collision Repair Specialization 12
4: And one of the following (12 hours) 12
Major Collision Repair Specialization 12
ACRP 2010 Major Collision Repair 5
ACRP 2015 Major Collision Replacements 5
ACRP 2019 Major Collision Repair Intern 2
Refinishing Specialization 12
ACRP 2001 Intro toAutoPainting/Refinish 5
ACRP 2002 Painting&RefinishingTechniques 5
ACRP 2009 Refinishing Internship 2
Faculty & Staff
Program Chair

Auto Collision Repair Program Chair, Industrial Technology
Moultrie Industrial Drive

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