Nurse Aide, TCC (CN21) Technical Certificate of Credit

Program Description: The Nurse Aide Technical Certificate of Credit prepares students with classroom training and laboratory practice ;as well as, the clinical experiences necessary to care for patients in various settings including general medical and surgical hospitals, nursing care facilities, community care facilities for the elderly, and home health care services. Students who successfully complete the Nurse Aide Technical Certificate of Credit may be eligible to sit for the National Nurse Aide Assessment program (NNAAP) which determines competency to become enrolled in the Georgia State Nurse Aide registry.

Length of Program: Two (2) Semesters

Locations Offered:
Moultrie (Veterans Parkway)
Tift County High School
Cairo High School College and Career Academy
Colquitt County High School
Bainbridge High School
Early County High School
Miller County High School
Pelham High School
Seminole County High School
Thomasville High School
Turner County High School
Worth County High School

Entrance Date: Beginning of each semester.

Entrance Requirements: Refer to Admissions criteria. Click for Entrance Score Requirements.

Age: Applicant must be 17 years of age or older.

Education: An applicant must be a high school graduate or the equivalent (GED). College transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Advisor: A Program Advisor should be consulted prior to enrolling in any course. An advisor will be assigned by admissions.

Additional Requirements: American Heart Healthcare Provider CPR Certification, Physical Exam, Dental Exam, Drug Toxicology, and Criminal Background Check.

Program Final Exit Point: Nurse Aide, Technical Certificate of Credit.

Credits Required for Graduation: 13 minimum semester hour credits required for graduation

Note: Some credits from this program may be applied to a diploma program. Those who have been arrested/convicted of a moral and/or legal violation of the law may not be allowed to complete the practicum requirements. This could result in being withdrawn from the program.

Upon successful completion of NAST 1100, Students may apply to the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) which determines competency to be enrolled in the Georgia State Nurse Aide registry.

Accreditation Information: The NAST 1100 course (in the Nurse Aide, TCC and Patient Care Assisting, TCC programs) is approved by Alliant Georgia Medical Care Foundation (GMCF), 1455 Lincoln Parkway, Suite 800, Atlanta, Georgia 30346, Phone: 800-982-0411, Fax: 678-527-3034,

Books: $508.87
Fees: $355.00
Tuition: $700.00
Total: $1,563.87
Books: $366.96
Fees: $718.00
Tuition: $600.00
Total: $1,684.96
1: Occupational Courses (13 hours) 13
ALHS 1040 Introduction to Health Care 3
ALHS 1060 Diet/Nutrition for AH Services 2
ALHS 1090 MedTerm/Allied Health Sciences 2
NAST 1100 Nurse Aide Fundamentals 6

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