Group Work Intervention SOCW 2050

3 Credits

Pre-requisite(s): SOCW 2020, SOCW 2030

This course will provide students with a foundational understanding of the knowledge and skills required to participate in and lead small groups in a variety of settings. The course emphasizes an experiential approach which will provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in planning, facilitating, organizing, and evaluating the success of groups in micro and macro practice. Students will learn about the basic issues in group work and how to design groups for and work with children, youth, and adults. Emphasis will be placed on exploration and application of group work theory, principles and practices of group counseling, stages of group development, group dynamics, and group leadership. The latest research, ethical guidelines, and practices in group work will be examined and applied. Students will explore the interaction between groups and systems with their external environments and learn about concepts, theories, and methods and skills relevant to group work with diverse populations. Application of group work methods with at-risk populations will also be explored.

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