Vet Tech Clinical Internship VETT 2300

12 Credits

Pre-requisite(s): VETT 2120, VETT 2130, VETT 2230

Introduces students to the application of veterinary technology procedures in an actual job setting under direct supervision of a veterinarian or a registered veterinary technician. Students are acquainted with occupational responsibilities through realistic work situations on the job. Job sites can include veterinary referral/teaching hospitals, private veterinary hospitals and clinics, research laboratories, and other facilities supervised by a veterinarian or a credentialed veterinary technician. Topics include, but are not limited to: office and hospital procedures, client relations and communications; pharmacy and pharmacology; nursing; anesthesia; surgical nursing; laboratory procedures; and imaging. The occupation-based instruction is implemented through the use of written individualized training plans, written performance evaluation, and required on-the-job training.

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