3.1.15sr - SRTC Procedure: Purchasing Cards

The Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) Purchasing Card Program is designed for SRTC employees to make small-dollar purchases, allowing them to acquire supplies and materials more efficiently. This program is designed to simplify and streamline the purchasing process and lower overall transaction costs.
Prior to the Purchasing Card Program, most small value purchases were made through Purchase Orders (POs). The process involved excessive paperwork, several layers of approval and handling, and payment to many vendors. With the Purchasing Card program, no POs are required.

Purchasing limits are established by the Purchasing Card Administrator not to exceed limits by Georgia law (O.C.G.A. 50-5-83).

Card Security:
Following are the card security procedures:

  1. Treat the Purchasing Card with the same level of care as your own personal credit cards;
  2. Keep your card in an accessible, but secure location. The card needs to be accessible to the cardholder and authorized user(s);
  3. Do not lend your card to another person for use unless they are an authorized user.
  4. Guard your credit account number carefully. Do not post the account number at your desk or write it in your day planner; and
  5. Never display the card number on any packing slips, labels, etc.

Request a Card:
An employee who has a need for frequent small purchases for their program can make a request for a Purchasing Card from their immediate supervisor. The supervisor, if not a Vice President, will make a request of the Vice President of that area. The Vice President will then make a request of the President for approval of the Purchasing Card for use by the employee.

Card Issuance:
Employees issued a Purchasing Card will have a brief orientation to the program, highlighting approved and unapproved purchases. Each employee issued a card will sign the Card Agreement. Each employee issued a card will receive a copy of the SRTC Procedure: Purchasing Card and the TCSG Purchasing Card Procedure.

Purchasing Card Activity Log:
Each employee with a Purchasing Card is responsible for maintaining a Purchasing Card Activity Log in order to track purchases during the month. Each employee should request verbal approval of purchases from their immediate supervisor. Original Invoices should be maintained with the Activity Log during the month until submitted to the Business Office at the end of the month.

Monthly Statements:
Each employee with a Purchasing Card will receive a monthly statement with purchases made through the 4th of the month. When the statement is received, the employee will verify the transactions on the statement with the Activity Log and sign the Activity Log. The employee will make a copy of the signed Activity Log and the associated Invoices to keep on file for the employee. The original invoices and Activity Log and Statement will be submitted to the immediate supervisor for approval. The supervisor will sign and forward original documents to Accounts Payable in the Business Office by the 20th of each month.

Each employee is primarily responsible for the resolution of problem transactions. The customer service number is found on the back of the Purchasing Card. In the event that problems cannot be resolved, the Vice President for Administrative Services (VPAS) will initiate a request for customer service with the Program Account representative.

Lost or Stolen Cards:
If the Purchasing Card is lost or stolen it is your responsibility to notify Bank of America immediately at 1-888-449-2273 (24 hours a day). The SRTC VPAS must also be notified at (229-225-4098 or 229-227-2811) immediately.

Termination of Employment:
Should you leave state service, change positions, or not need the card for some other reason, request cancellation of your card account through the SRTC VPAS at (229-225-4098). Cut the card in half and give it to the VPAS.

Authorized Purchases

  • Airplane Fares
  • Appliances (not for personal use)
  • Books and other job related publications
  • Business Cards
  • Communications Equipment (Telephones, Scanners, Pagers, Fax Machines)
  • Computer Equipment and Supplies
  • Conference Registration Fees
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Maintenance Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Photography/Film Processing
  • Postage and Meter Replenishing
  • Printing/Graphic Designing
  • Rentals (one time equipment rental)
  • Repairs (one time equipment repair)
  • Seminars and Training Classes (job related)
  • Software Media (job related)
  • Subscriptions (job related)

NOTE: No personal purchases may be made through the use of the Purchasing Card.

Prohibited Purchases

  • Goods or services not directly related to job responsibilities (i.e. personal purchases).
  • Data plans, software, or applications (apps) for non-State Entity issued devices, including, but not limited to, smart phones, laptop computers, and tablets.
  • Memberships at wholesale warehouses and shopping clubs (e.g. Sam’s Club, Costco, Amazon Prime).
  • Cash advances.
  • Gift cards, stored value cards, calling cards, and similar products.
  • Travel expenses related to lodging, transportation, and meals, except as specifically covered under Allowable Purchases.
  • Entertainment. This restriction does not apply to items purchased for resale at bookstores.
  • Alcoholic beverages or products except as permitted in the list of authorized purchases above.
  • Tobacco products.
  • Fuel, mechanical repairs, and maintenance for State-owned or rental vehicles.

Documentation and Control of Purchases
Note: Purchases are exempt from sales tax.

Cardholder Procedures:
It is mandatory that the cardholder document purchase details in the Purchasing Card Activity Log. The Purchasing Card Activity Log is available on the SRTC intranet. The log is your key to managing and controlling your card purchases. Instructions for completing the Purchasing Activity Log are provided in the Purchasing Card Activity Log Instructions. This document is also located on the SRTC intranet.

You should keep track of all paperwork pertaining to your purchases. A Bank Memo Billing Statement will be sent to you monthly from Bank of America within 5 days after the close of the billing cycle. The Bank Memo Billing Statement must be reconciled to the Purchasing Card Activity Log.

You should complete a Purchasing Card Account Summary and give this form to your Supervisor for approval (along with the Purchasing Card Activity Log, Bank Memo Billing Statement and purchasing receipts). The Purchasing Card Account Summary is available on the SRTC intranet.

After the Supervisor’s review and signed approval, you should forward the following to the VPAS:

  • Purchasing Card Accounting Summary (with Supervisor’s signed and dated approval)
  • Original Memo Billing Statement (signed and dated by Supervisor)
  • Original Purchasing Receipts

Cardholder Responsibilities:
You are responsible for ensuring that all purchases made on the card are authorized. Any unauthorized purchases by you will result in disciplinary action and may include termination of employment. Before a card will be issued to an employee, the employee must sign and agree to abide by the terms in the Purchasing Card Agreement, subject to an acceptable credit report review.

The Vice President for Administrative Services has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.

GA Statewide Purchasing Card Policy

Approved: 03-09-2015
Implemented: 07-01-2015