SRTC Procedure: Distance Education Student Privacy

The purpose of the Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) Procedure: Distance Education Student Privacy is to ensure that the security of student personal information, assessments, evaluations, and the dissemination of these results of students taking distance education courses are protected.

Secure Login:
SRTC faculty and staff inform students of the secure login method via the SRTC website, new student orientation, and the distance education learning management system (LMS). SRTC faculty and staff provide the login requirements and instruct students not to share their login and password information with others.

Online Courses Backup:
The SRTC Distance Education Department ensures that disaster recovery backups of all courses in the LMS are conducted at least every two weeks. Backups of the LMS data are stored on Blackboard servers off site and managed in accordance with Blackboard’s disaster recovery procedure. TCSG maintains courses on the LMS system for three full academic years.

Third-Party Software:
The SRTC Distance Education Department collects regulations for security of student personal information from third-party providers and maintains a secondary login account for third-party software/sites used by instructors.

Graded Materials, Grade Books, and Student Learning Outcomes:
All course materials required to verify grades and student performance towards standards that are necessary for accreditation purposes are collected and maintained by program faculty in accordance with specific program accreditation requirements and the SRTC Procedure” Release of Student Records.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs has overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.

6.3.1sr2 - SRTC Procedure: Release of Student Records

Adopted: 10-20-2014
Implemented: 07-01-2015
Revised: 12-12-2017
Revised: 11-12-2019
Revised: 02-03-2021