Social Work Field Practicum I SOCW 2080

6 Credits

Pre-requisite(s): (SOCW 2040 and SOCW 2050) or (SOCW 2060 and SOCW 2070)

The field practicum is an educationally focused, guided field experience in which students engage in community-based practice with individuals, families, and/or communities. Students gain experience with various social work roles, such as advocate, broker, and counselor. Students learn to function as professional generalists social workers in an organizational setting, to demonstrate an understanding of and behavior consistent with the NASW Code of Ethics, and to increasingly assume professional responsibility. Special emphasis is placed on the identification of specific needs, the empowerment of diverse populations at the micro and mezzo levels, and a keen awareness of social justice issues. Students will be under the supervision of the Social Work program faculty and/or persons designated to coordinate work experience arrangements.

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