Electrical Lineworker (EL11)  Technical Certificate of Credit

Campus Locations: Cairo

The Electrical Lineworker certificate program provides students with the necessary knowledge and skill to gain employment as an entry-level lineworker with electrical utility companies, both public and private. Topics include lineworker organization principles, lineworker workplace skills, lineworker automations skills, and lineworker occupational skills.

Length of Program: 1 Semester

Curriculum Outline (12 hours)
Occupational 12
ELCR 1800

This course provides a comprehensive summary of lineworker requirements. Topics include physical and mechanical abilities, electrical and workplace safety practices, communications skills, and positive work ethic responsibilities.

ELCR 1820

This course will familiarize the student with the importance of working together and team building. Topics include basic tools in the problem solving process, change in the workplace, developing and maintaining a positive image, resume writing, and developing job interview skills

ELCR 1840

This course familiarizes the student with the identification, proper use, basic electrical fundamentals, and safety and maintenance of lineworker hand and power tools. Students will be prepared to operate hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

ELCR 1860

This course provides an introduction to the basic skills necessary for an electrical lineworker. Topics include an understanding of ratios and proportions, blueprint reading, CDL training and testing, lineman simulations, and observation based instruction.


Electrical Lineman Faculty
School of Industrial Technology

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